Siesta Beach Park Improvements

Construction Updates

Project Aerials as of January 2016

Siesta Beach Jan 2016 Siesta Beach Jan 2016

Overall project aerial (left) and historic pavilion renovation (right).


Project Aerials as of December 2015

Aerial_Dec15 Aerial Pav_Dec15

Overall project aerial (left) and historic pavilion renovation (right).


Currently in Phases 3 and 4. Completion anticipated in February, 2016.

Current: through February 2016

Current: through February 2016


New parking lots east of Main Entry
New parking lots east of Main Entry
East Concessions/Restrooms
Additional Temporary Concessions at Esplanade
East Esplanade
New Playgrounds and Shelters
Temporary Life Safety Trailer Located in Parking Lot (Life Guards & Sheriff Offices)


West Historic Pavilion, Restrooms, Concessions
West Parking lot
Section of sidewalk along Beach Road for limited durations
Far west dune walkover (for construction of new pavilion)


Project Aerial as of November 2015



Project Aerial as of September 2015



Project Aerial as of August 2015



Project Aerial as of July 2015



Project Aerial as of June 2015



Project Aerial as of May 2015



Project Aerial as of April 2015


Project Aerial as of March 2015


Spring Break 2015 Construction Schedule Announced
See the schedule and maps below for current information on openings and closing from March 7 through December.

March 7 to +/-April 9

Siesta Beach_Phasing_Phase 2c small

Siesta Beach Park March 7 to April 9, 2015


  • All Parking. (Contractor will “pause” parking lot renovations for +/- the month of March to help with the crowds)
  • West Historic Pavilion, Restrooms, Concessions
  • New Playgrounds and Shelters
  • Life Safety Building
  • Additional temporary Concessions at Esplanade


  • East Concessions (immediate construction area only)
  • New Life Safety Building footprint behind West Concessions (limited construction activity)
  • Single lane construction access point at Main Entry. Main entry will REMAIN OPEN for west (old existing) parking lot

Construction Progress Continues
As the holidays approach, construction continues as part of the Siesta Beach Park Improvements Project.

  • East concession construction is underway
  • 24 picnic shelters have been installed but not yet available for use
  • Installation of playground is in progress

Construction Progress as of December 2014

Parking Lot Closure Notice

When: Monday 10/13/2014 through Friday 10/17/2014

Where: New lot near tennis courts

Details/ Alternate Route:
Construction entrance will be shared for access to the Maintenance Building and dumpsters. Please contact Steve (941) 724-7980 to coordinate any special requests.

For map and additional details: CLICK HERE

Phase 2 Underway

  • Reminder regarding entry changes:  the main “in” drive for the beach near the historic pavilion will become both an “in” and an “out” drive.  Please be careful!
  • There is a new in/out drive at the west side of the new parking lot.  There is an “out only” vehicular exit at the east end of the new lot near the tennis courts.
  • The old restrooms near the tennis courts are being replaced as a part of Phase 2 construction.  Temporary restrooms are located on the beach side of the construction boundary near where the old restrooms were previously sited.

July 4 Holiday Weekend

  • The new parking lot will open for the July 4 weekend.  Due to the construction, old VIP parking locations will be arranged differently, some of which will be in the new parking lot.  Please follow temporary signage accordingly for July 4 activities.
  • The majority of the new lot is “pervious” pavement that allows rain to filter through and thus reduce runoff that must be collected.  If this area were regular asphalt, the new retention pond would have needed to be significantly larger (reducing the number of new parking spaces).

Phase 2 Construction:

  • Phase 2 construction area boundaries will be established the week of July 7.  While this will occupy the “middle” of the park’s parking areas, the Beach will be accessible from both the new eastern and existing western parking lots.
  • During Phase 2, those who are familiar with the beach will need to take note of some changes to vehicular entry points and circulation.  The main “in” drive for the beach near the historic pavilion will become both an “in” and an “out” drive.  Please be careful!
  • There is a new in/out drive at the west side of the new parking lot.  There is an “out only” vehicular exit at the east end of the new lot near the tennis courts.
  • The old restrooms near the tennis courts will be replaced as a part of Phase 2 construction.  Temporary restrooms will be staged on the beach side of the construction boundary near where the old restrooms were.

Siesta Beach 1404112060

Improvements to the park at America’s #1 Beach, Siesta Beach, are continuing. As promised, Siesta Beach remains open during all phase of the improvement project. Phase 1 of construction is expected to be complete by the end of June, just in time for the big 4th of July holiday weekend.

Phase 1 is entering the final stages!
The Construction Manager has been given special permission to continue working on Saturdays through the end of June. This work will not be disruptive to beach patrons and is limited to the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. within the construction fenced areas. Jon F. Swift, the Construction Manager, is working diligently to get Phase 1 ready and open for the July 4th holiday weekend.

Turtle Nesting Season 
May 1 starts the new Turtle Season so we’ll be watching out for our slow but steady friends as they come on shore to lay their eggs. While the improvement project is happening in the park and not on the beach, we still want to make sure we don’t disturb any areas where turtles are nesting. Sarasota County officials are encouraging residents and visitors to help protect sea turtles and their natural habitat along the coastline by taking the following measures:

      • Minimize beachfront lighting by turning off, shielding, or redirecting lights away from the beach.
      • Replace incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with amber or red LEDs.
      • Close blinds and draperies in beachfront rooms at night.
      • Remove lounge chairs, cabanas, umbrellas, and personal recreational items from the beach at night.
      • Properly dispose of trash and discarded fishing gear. Turtles may mistake plastic bags and wrappers for food and can become entangled in old nets and fishing line.
      • Knock down sand sculptures and fill in holes before you leave the beach.

New Parking Areas are coming soon!
Expanded parking is a big part of the overall improvement project, and we’re doing our part to be kind to the environment by using pervious concrete. It’s a special type of concrete mix with little or no fine aggregate that is poured very thick and chunky. When finished, it has a texture like a granola bar. The benefit of this type of concrete is that it produces voids in the parking lot surface that allows water to flow through and into the ground underneath. This helps protect our natural resources by reducing the amount of storm water runoff into the gulf. Portions of the new east parking lots will be completed with pervious concrete and will be ready for the July 4 weekend.

New East Concession is almost ready to rise from the earth!
The footings at the top of the driven concrete support pilings for the new East Concession building are almost complete. Once complete, the Construction Manager will start setting the columns on these caps that will support the elevated floor of the East Concession building which is on schedule to be completed in early 2015

Phase 1 Pile driving complete!
Thank you for your patience – the Construction Manager’s crew completed 83 piles driven in eight days. Some minor noise should be expected over the next few weeks when cutting remaining pile caps.

A special exception has been granted to the Construction Manager to do two early morning concrete pours for pile caps. This will consist of approximately 10 concrete trucks per day, starting at 6 a.m. and being gone from the site by 11 a.m. Anticipated pour dates are March 28 and April 15, depending on weather. These are done early in the morning because concrete must arrive on the job site within a limited time once the concrete is “batched” at the plant. Mid-day beach traffic could take too long, so early morning is necessary.

The construction manager has shrunken back to a minimal fenced area for the east concessions construction. This area will remain a construction area through June. Some components of the original playground have been temporarily restored until new playground construction begins after the July 4 weekend.

Aerial of Siesta Beach Improvements Project as of March 18, 2014.

Aerial of Siesta Beach Improvements Project construction progress as of March 18, 2014.

Foundation work for East Concessions to begin February 17
The foundations for the new elevated East Concessions building are designed to meet the Florida Building Code’s tough wind loads and beach front conditions. This includes driven concrete piles that will be set and capped well below existing grade. Pile driving will therefore be necessary, and will last for approximately two weeks. The County is sensitive to the noise this creates, so the procedure will incorporate pre-drilling for the piles to reduce the overall time.

Please bear with us during this brief installation.
Hours of operation for the pile driving will be from 8am to 7pm.

Removal of Australian Pines to begin week of Feb. 10
During the week of Feb. 10 county contractors will remove 20 Australian Pine trees in the area of where the new East Concession building will be located. Australian pines removed for this project will be replaced with more than 400 native species including Green Buttonwood and Sabal Palm trees. These native trees will provide ample shade without the public safety hazards presented by Australian pines.

The Australian Pines and their root systems would interfere with the foundation, utilities, access and other aspects of the project. The removal of this invasive species was identified in the landscape plan component of the complete development plan approved by the Sarasota County Commission in August 2013. In total more than 1,200 trees will be planted at Siesta Beach Park as part of the improvement project.

January 15, 2014
Installation of utility lines in trenches will commence in the areas shown on the “Temporary Work Areas A, B and C” map, generally in the time frames indicated. This preparatory work is for the main utility “loop” for the entire project.

Work will proceed rapidly through each “Area” and may only occupy portions of the outlined shown. In order to keep the Areas as small as possible, some flexibility is required with the exact daily perimeters. Every effort will be made to minimize the disruption to Park Patrons. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Brad Gaubatz, Public Works Capital Projects at 941-861-0853.

Temporary Work Areas A-C_1-14-14_rev

Temporary Work Areas A, B and C Map

Project Location

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948 Beach Rd Sarasota, FL 34242